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The Toyota Sienna is better than many crossovers and SUVs.
Don’t believe me?
Well, this humble minivan beats these vehicles in numerous areas, and I will prove it to you right now.
Unless you need a vehicle with rugged pumped up exterior styling to compensate for other.
Let’s just say shortcomings, the new Sienna is simply a better choice.
For starters, this minivan is now only sold as a hybrid.
The gasoline v six that used to be offered is no longer available.
Yeah, I’m sad about this too.
But when you consider the fuel economy benefit, it’s easy to forgive this change.
You see, the Sienna now returns up to thirty-six miles per gallon across the board.
Huge numbers, but even if you opt for all-wheel drive, which is available, those figures barely change.
In the SUV field you might think the Ford Explorer hybrid might be a big competitor.
But one look at the scores and it’s obvious that’s not the case.
I mean, the best test utility vehicle can do is 27 mpg city, 28 highway, and 27 combined.
Far behind even an.
Four wheel drive sienna.
Now to be fair, the Explorer is more capable and does have a good bit more horsepower 318 compared to the CNS 245 but the trade off is probably worth it since the efficiency is so stellar and this Toyota still provides good if not quite tire roasting performance.
Since this Sienna practically sips fuel like a Prius, you might think it has all kinds of compromises, especially when it comes to cargo capacity, but that is not the case at all.
Let’s compare it to a Chevrolet traverse.
One of the most capacious crossover vehicles you can buy today It offers 23 cubic feet of room behind its third row seat, nearly 58 behind its second rope and more than 98 cubes in total.
Now in comparison, the Sienna trounces it in the first two categories and still eke out a win in the third.
This is a seriously spacious vehicle, even if Unfortunately, its second row seats are not removable, which is a bit annoying if you absolutely want to stuff this minivan to the limit.
But let’s see how the Sienna stacks up to something a little different, say the Cadillac Escalade ESV.
Now obviously this body-on-frame, extended length, luxury suv is in no way a direct rival.
But you might be surprised how well this Toyota fares.
In fact it actually has more space behind both its second and third row seats than the escalator.
Yeah, I’m as shocked by this as you are because the ESV is huge.
More than 23 inches longer than the Sienna Next let’s talk passenger comfort thanks to what’s available super long slide second row captain’s chairs which move fore and aft by up to 25 inches and are available with integrated Ottomans.
The Sienna is a roadtrip champion seriously.
It’s like flying business class just without just without the drink service or having to worry about a seatmate sneezing on your nice was salad.
As for leg room, the Sienna offers the driver and front passengers 40.3 inches.
Riders in the second row are supposedly treated to about 40.
However, with those sliding seats, it has to be way more than that folks relegated to steerage get just shy of 39 inches In comparison, the suave and sophisticated Hyundai palisade an SUV, the roadshows TAF universally loves fares.
All right, beats the Toyota up front, but I’m thinking it has to lose in second row roominess again because of those sliding seats.
I guess it just depends on how you measure the Sienna trounces it though in the way back.
Really for passenger comfort this minivan is tough to top.
You probably don’t think much of capability when it comes to minivans and you really shouldn’t.
But as I mentioned, the Sienna is available with all wheel drive something the Honda Odyssey and Kia Sedona do not offer at any price.
Though, of course, you can get a Chrysler Pacifica with four corner traction starting in the 2021 model year.
So there is that as an option.
Anyway, if you’re considering an SUV because of all-wheel drive, you should probably check out the Sienna because in addition to its numerous other benefits, it also offers plenty of extra grip and driving confidence in bad weather.
So from fuel economy, to cargo space to passenger comfort, the Toyota Sienna is often a much better option than many popular SUVs.
And naturally other minivans offer similar benefits and our smart buys too.
Now of course this Toyota can’t do everything if you need to tow for instance, the Sienna may not be a very good choice since it maxes out at just 3500 pounds.
In comparison the Explorer Hybrid Chevy Traverse and Hyundai Palisade can all manage up to five grand.
You may also not enjoy this Vehicles continuously variable transmission or the fact that other utility vehicles perform better.
This Toyota isn’t particularly quick, but remember 36 MPG.
36, so have I convinced you to get a minivan when your lease is up or if you’re facing an unexpected addition to the family?
I knew you’d come around.

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