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Editor’s take: As a retro gaming enthusiast, it’s great to see that stuff like this is still being discovered and shared with the public. And to think, without the power of the Internet, it would be next to impossible to share this sort of content with the masses.

The latter half of 2020 has been a particularly rewarding one for video game historians and preservationists. Less than a month after an unreleased Superman game for PlayStation hit the Internet, another gem has surfaced – this time for Sega’s Dreamcast.

The Simpsons: Bug Squad was created by British developer Red Lemon Studios. Co-founder Andy Campbell told YouTuber DreamcasticChannel that it was created as a tech demo for Fox Interactive.

“The tech was great, developed by a guy call[ed] Rich Evans, great coder,” Campbell said. “Bug Squad concept came from Jamie Grant if I remember. A great art team built the models. The tech was also pitched as a production tool for the show itself.”

Unfortunately, the game wasn’t commissioned so technically, it was never an official title that was in development, Campbell added.

As you can see, the cel-shaded graphics do a great job of mimicking the show’s actual animations. Gameplay looks extremely limited (all you can really do is explore a couple of rooms, jump around and glide) and there aren’t any sound effects or music. Still, for something that was created more than two decades ago, it is surprisingly modern.

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