As reported by engadget,

There is nothing in the world more valuable to new parents than sleep. To help with that, Cradlewise developed a smart crib that uses AI and a built-in monitor to help your little one stay snoozing for as long as possible.  A sleekly designed bassinet in white and  light-colored wood, it features an arch over the crib that contains the monitor and camera. The bed portion of the crib can be lowered as the child ages so it can switch from a bassinet to a crib.

The Cradlewise crib learns your child’s sleep patterns and senses when they start to shift and wake. When that happens, it automatically begins to bounce gently to ease the child back to sleep before they start to fuss or cry. Once your babe falls back to sleep, the crib will stop moving.  It can also play music if preferred, and the crib will learn your child’s patterns to create personalized “sleep recipes” of their sleep, waking habits and favorite sounds.

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