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Otherwise, you may have some decisions to make. Is switching subscriptions — or adding another one to a list that probably also includes services like HBO Max, CBS All Access and Disney+ — worth it to you? Peacock does have other content like Parks & Recreation, and just launched its Saved By the Bell reboot to positive reviews.

If you really only want to watch The Office, then maybe it makes sense to get off the shifting sands of licenses and streaming services, and simply buy the show. Snagging the series on Blu-ray for HD viewing is expensive at $120, and sold out at every store I could find. The DVD edition is cheaper at $50, but 480p is a tough ask. Your best, and cheapest, bet may be buying a digital copy, as The Office: Complete Series run is available from retailers like Vudu or Apple’s iTunes for $30.

If you don’t want to pay at all, Peacock is streaming the first two seasons for free, and has posted some of its add-on content on YouTube for you to enjoy, with more coming over the next few days. For paying subscribers, there’s considerably more, with curated episodes featuring each character’s best moments, and even a 24/7 live channel dedicated to the sights and sounds of an office environment. They’ve also added some Behind the Scenes extras and extended-cut “Superfan” episodes that add previously unseen footage.


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