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In 1973 Korg released its first mass-produced mono synth — the miniKORG 700. It’s a landmark instrument, but one that’s often overshadowed by the likes of the Minimoog Model D. And even when it comes to the company’s own products, it’s the MS-20 that usually comes to mind first. Now Korg is finally giving the 700 the recognition it deserves with a 100-percent analog reissue the miniKORG 700FS. The company even brought back the original designer, Fumio Mieda to oversee the development.

To be completely accurate, this is a reissue of the 700S, which came out the following year. It’s almost identical to the 700, except that it adds a second oscillator and a ring modulation circuit for richer sounds. The FS also adds plenty of modern amenities while staying true to the original. Smaller, modern components made it possible to squeeze in a spring reverb tank as well as a joystick for controlling pitch and modulation. The updated keyboard also supports aftertouch, there’s an arpeggiator on board, plus there’s five-pin MIDI in, CV/Gate In and a USB port.

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