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The holiday season is in full swing, and Christmas is only a day away! The most important part of the holidays is spending time with family. What better way to do it than watching one (or many) of the best Christmas movies on HBO Max? In this post we are going to recommend our favorite holiday films, so get that hot cocoa ready and cozy up with your loved ones for a good time!

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The best Christmas movies on HBO Max

Editor’s note: This list of the best Christmas movies on HBO will be updated regularly as films are added and others are phased out.

1. Last Christmas

Last Christmas Christmas movies on HBO Max

Life can’t be great for an aspiring singer stuck working at a year-round Christmas store as an elf. I didn’t even know such stores existed, but if you’ve worked retail during the holidays you can imagine how horrible dealing with that year-long can be. All this torture turns out to be for the best when she meets Tom, though.

The man seems to good to be true. Their attraction for each other grows and their relationship develops right in the middle of the holidays. Can’t get sweeter than that! At least in terms of Christmas movies on HBO Max.

2. Get Santa

Get Santa Christmas movies on HBO Max

Santa delivers gifts to every kid in the whole world overnight, but even this magical entity runs into trouble from time to time. This time he is having a really bad day after crashing his sleigh and losing his reindeer. On top of that, the police are after him and he must find some help.

A father and son find him in his garage after the harsh night, and they decide to aid Santa. The goal is to find his reindeer and get him back to the North Pole, but this mission proves to be harder than it seems.

3. Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale

Tom and Jerry A Nutcracker Tale

Tom and Jerry cartoons marked many of our childhoods, and this happens to be a special film. It’s the last animation the creator Joseph Barbera worked on, before passing away in December, 2016. The movie was dedicated to his memory, and it is definitely one of the best Christmas movies on HBO Max.

The popular duo is at it again, getting in trouble and continuing that never-ending fight. Cat and his army of stray cats take over Tom’s kingdom, which is full of living toys. Jerry must get his kingdom back and seeks help to do so, but not without some classic Tom and Jerry quarrels.

4. The Family Stone

The Family Stone Christmas movies on HBO Max

Everett Stone has a bohemian family in Connecticut. They are very much unlike his girlfriend, Meredith Morton, who is a much more traditional and conservative person. He wants to take her to meet his liberal family during the holiday celebrations, to which she accepts, but also decides to take her sister along.

Meredith hopes to win the family over, but instead they all just realize how much of a miss-match they can be. The culture clash is very entertaining, making this one of the best Christmas movies on HBO Max.

5. All is Bright

All is Bright Christmas movies on HBO Max

Ex prisoners have it rough. Dennis is on parole. Emotional issues are sure to arise, and finding out that his old partner Rene started a relationship with his ex-wife doesn’t help the situation. On top of that, it’s hard to find a good job with a fresh criminal record, but he must take whatever he can get, and the first shot is a gig selling Christmas trees.

The only issue is that he must work with Rene, making this a totally dramatic and hilarious situation. He must endure these difficulties if he wants to buy that piano his daughter has been wanting. Selling Christmas trees in NYC is no easy task either!

6. Black Christmas

Black Christmas

Campuses always get very lonely during the holidays, and such is the case for Hawthorne College. Riley and some of her sorority sisters are getting ready to enjoy the season with parties and roomy halls, but a figure in a cloak quickly turns things around by starting a series of killings.

Riley and her friends decide not to be victims and go after this person. The empty halls in campus soon get bloodier than ever. It’s another type of film, for sure, but that’s what makes it one of the most interesting Christmas movies on HBO Max.

7. A very Harold & Kumar Christmas

A Very HArold and Kumar Christmas

You know things just can’t go right when Harold and Kumar get together. It’s about to get wild again as Christmas time nears in this third installment of the dynamic duo’s films.

Harold is a successful in Wall Street now, but Kumar is… well, you know, Kumar. A mysterious package in Harold’s name arrives, and for some reason Kumar believes it’s the best idea to deliver it personally. Yes, another wild and unpredictable night is upon us.

This is one of the best Christmas movies on HBO Max, but it’s not exactly suited for the little ones. There is plenty of marihuana smoking and inappropriate events going on in this film.

8. Trapped in Paradise

Trapped in Paradise Christmas movies on HBO Max

Many believe the holidays are a time for change and forgiveness. This trio of bank robbers realize this when they plan to make a hit and get stuck in a town that seems too good to be true. Their plans are ruined by friendly residents and a lost getaway car driver. This is a great choice for a good laugh in this list of our favorite Christmas movies on HBO Max.

9. Rise of the Guardians

Rise of the Guardians Christmas movies on HBO Max

Evil character Pitch Black aims to bring sadness to all the kids in the world by killing their belief in important fantasy figures of early childhood. Santa and his friends must do something about it, so he teams up with the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and others to try and stop him. It’s one of the best Christmas movies on HBO Max to watch with the kids and keep their innocence intact.

10. Home Alone: The Holiday Heist

Home Alone The Holiday Heist

Did you know Home Alone movies are still coming out? This one was released in 2012, and it’s just as fun as the classics. This one just had to make it to the list of awesome Christmas movies on HBO Max.

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You know the drill. A kid finds himself home alone and must protect his abode from thieves. This time they are after expensive art, but there is no thief that can go against ingenious booby traps and childhood wits. He must also protect his sister, so there’s a bit of a change in the theme!

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