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Hyundai Motors is acquiring Boston Dynamics, according to The Korea Economic Daily. The publication says Softbank has agreed to sell the robot maker for 1 trillion won (US$917 million) and that the acquisition will be finalized at a board meeting today, December 10th. The companies have been discussing a sale since at least early November, based on a previous report by Bloomberg.

Boston Dynamics is known for its nightmare-inducing (or oddly adorable, depending on your perspective) robotic dog Spot, which it started selling in mid—2020 for $75,000. The four-legged robot can climb stairs, herd sheep and pull a rickshaw. Earlier this year, the machine also helped healthcare providers remotely triage patients suspected to have COVID-19 at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. The company is also behind the humanoid robot Atlas that’s agile enough to do handstands and parkour.

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