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The move represents a departure from Shopify’s previous stance on policing its platform. Back in 2017, CEO Tobias Lütke penned a Medium post in which he defended the company’s decision to continue hosting Breitbart’s online store, despite all the hateful and misleading content the outlet was publishing at the time. “Commerce is a powerful, underestimated form of expression,” Lütke said in the post, which has since been deleted. As TechCrunch noted, the company has changed its stance since, with the most notable example before today being in 2018 when it banned several far-right organizations, including Proud Boys. 

While the company is not a household name like Facebook and Twitter, Shopify’s decision to remove Trump-affiliated stores from its platform is still significant one. Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world. On its website, the company says between 2016 and 2019 its merchants generated $319 billion in economic activity globally. 

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