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This app, alongside professionally produced fitness instruction on-demand, delivers on flexibility and other must-have features. For instance, you can swap and ban particular exercises from a workout routine. That’s great for anyone who might be recuperating an injury or for people who lack specific at-home fitness equipment but still want to perform the other exercises in a given set. Even cooler, if you like to exercise to music, you can let the Beat Sync feature adjust your music’s beat to the pace of your workout for optimal results. Lastly, the app comes with an advanced meal planner system, perfect for anyone serious about slimming down or bulking up, and the app also offers audio-only workouts for those who want to work up a sweat in their backyard or local park.

Whether you love it or not, exercise is crucial for living a productive, happier and healthier life. Anyone who needs extra motivation or instruction, but can’t make it to in-person fitness classes, can achieve their fitness goals with a fitness app. A lifetime subscription to Jillian Michaels: The Fitness App, typically $449, is on sale for $150 or 66% off for a limited time only.

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