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xerox phaser 3330 printer

A shiny new printer at the holidays may not be the most exciting piece of technology, but it’s a handy addition to any home office. With many people working from home and kids homeschooling, you can find yourself printing quite often. Upgrading your printer might be cheaper than you think, and we’ve found some of the best printer deals available right now.

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Printers fall into two main categories: Inkjets and lasers. Inkjets are more common in homes, but laser printers have become more affordable thanks to improvements in technology. We’ve gathered a few options in both categories to provide plenty of choices. Some manufacturers also offer mobile printers if you want to print on the go without ink.

Best inkjet printer deals

epson wf 2860 printer

Inkjet printers are great for most daily printing jobs. Odds are you’re already familiar with inkjet printers and the process of replacing cartridges every so often. Inkjet printers produce colorful images, vibrant multi-page office documents, and pretty much everything in between. Many inkjet printers also offer varying degrees of all-in-one functionality for scanning and copying purposes too.

If you want a flexible printer that can handle almost any project, an inkjet is the easiest choice. Here’s a unique portable choice from HP as well as a few of our other top picks:

Best laser printer deals

hp laserjet pro m454 printer

At one time, only professionals seemed to need powerful laser printers. Now, they have become more affordable to the point where they make a solid home option too. Laser printers don’t clog, they print crisp text and graphics, and they offer plenty of functionality. Laser printers can print very quickly, some up to 30 pages per minute, however often in black and white. Many also offer all-in-one functionality to scan and fax.

If you have a little bit more of a budget and you’re tired of ink cartridges, a laser printer might be the way to go. Canon, HP, Lexmark, and Xerox are some of the most popular choices for laser printers. Here are a few deals from each for you to browse:

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