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samsung galaxy s21 plus render silver 3

  • Samsung is rumored to be lowering prices for the Galaxy S21 family.
  • The base model could start at as little as $849, while the S21 Ultra might cost $1,299.
  • This could help with both the pandemic and competition against rivals like Apple.

Samsung and many other phone makers have gradually raised prices for their phones in recent years, but that might not be true in 2021. As SamMobile reports, a South Korean rumor suggests Samsung may lower the starting price for every Galaxy S21 model compared to its equivalent predecessor.

The tech giant reportedly wants to sell the base Galaxy S21 at a price between $850 to $899 — well below the $999 for the Galaxy S20. The S21 Plus would sit between $1,050 to $1,099, significantly below the S20 Plus’ $1,199 official cost. Move to the S21 Ultra and you might pay ‘just’ $1,250 to $1,299 rather than the $1,399 of the S20 Ultra.

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The tipster, Landsk, claimed the Galaxy S21 price range was “under discussion” and that Samsung hadn’t confirmed anything. Don’t be surprised if these prices change regardless of how accurate they may be.

It wouldn’t be a shocking move. Samsung, like other phone makers, is dealing with a grim market where the COVID-19 pandemic has hurt sales. A price drop might put the Galaxy S21 within range of people who otherwise couldn’t consider it.

There’s also the matter of competition. Apple’s regular iPhone 12 starts at $799 with a sharp OLED screen and other upgrades that make it good enough to replace earlier, more expensive models. Samsung may want to price the Galaxy S21 closer to that level to avoid losing customers who might be willing to switch. There’s also plenty of rivalry from fellow Android makers, including aggressively-priced Chinese phones from Xiaomi and Oppo. This may be less an olive branch to cost-conscious buyers and more a matter of survival.

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