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Yesterday we laid out how to save $700 on the Samsung Galaxy S21 range when you trade-in your old phone with Samsung. However, picking up your Galaxy S21 of choice through Best Buy is likely to be your top option online if you’re in the US. Whether you’re looking for an unlocked phone, a carrier deal, or a trade-in, pre-ordering through Best Buy can score you up to $250 of rebates and extras. And that’s before you get to the weightier deals.

While we won’t see big discounts on the S21 range for a while, you’ll get a $30 rebate on the Galaxy S21 or a $50 rebate on the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra when you activate the phone to a network. On top of that, you’ll also receive a $200 Samsung credit to spend on accessories and a free Galaxy SmartTag to help you keep track of your stuff.

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Furthermore, you can save as much as $800 on your new phone with a straight-up trade-in through Best Buy. For example, trading in your Galaxy S20 for a Galaxy S21 will net you $650 of instant savings with qualified activation. This is a little less than the aforementioned Samsung deal, but the same phone gets you $800 off the S21 Plus and S21 Ultra with Best Buy, which is $100 more than Samsung offers. And don’t forget that you also get the $200 Samsung credit and SmartTag by taking up this option.

Finally, you can compare and contrast the best carrier deals on the S21 range through Best Buy. These include saving up to $800 on a second phone with Verizon and T-Mobile, or an even bigger trade-in deal of up to $950 off through with AT&T.

There’s a lot to unpack with these multiple offers, so head to Best Buy to dig into the details via the link below.

$0 .00

Save up to $800 when you pre-order the Galaxy S21

Save $799 .99

Buy it Now

Save up to $800 when you pre-order the Galaxy S21 Buy it Now

Save $799 .99 $0 .00

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