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There’s little doubt that Wear OS watches are in a rough state. While Google is still delivering updates, they’re modest ones. Even the best models have significant shortcomings, and it’s not uncommon to see companies release brand new smartwatches with years-old hardware. Throw in uncertainty over Google’s long-in-the-making acquisition of Fitbit and it’s easy to see why you might be worried about Wear OS’ future.

But what is it about Wear OS watches that you hate — or if you’re a fan, like the least? You might feel the software needs improvement, or that Google should do more to shore up the app selection. You might even be thrilled with Wear OS, but feel like the available hardware lets people down compared to rival offerings from Apple, Samsung and others. Whatever your concerns, be sure to let us know in the poll below.

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Wear OS certainly has its positives. It’s tightly integrated with the Google ecosystem, making the obvious pick if you use Assistant, Pay, or other services. And there’s no question that it enables a wide variety of designs, ranging from low-cost Apple Watch imitators through to upscale models from well-known Swiss watchmakers. If you prefer a certain size, style or price range, there’s a good chance someone makes a Wear OS watch in that category.

At the same time, we won’t fault you for wanting more. If you aren’t strongly attached to Google, there’s not as much to draw you to Wear OS watches as there might be with rivals that get more aggressive updates. There’s also a pervasive sameness where processors and features can seem interchangeable, particularly among giants like Fossil. As relatively open as the Wear OS world might be, there isn’t as much diversity as you see in Android phones.

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