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  • OnePlus is reportedly introducing a $40 fitness band.
  • It would rival the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 by offering AMOLED, water resistance and long battery life.
  • It would launch in early 2021.

You might not have to splurge on the OnePlus Watch to get a wearable from the enthusiast badge. Android Central sources claim OnePlus is developing a roughly $40 fitness band that would compete against low-cost activity trackers like the Xiaomi Mi Band 5.

The OnePlus fitness band will reportedly match its chief opponent with key features, including an AMOLED screen, a “multi-day” battery, and workout-friendly water resistance. It’s not certain what (if any) advantages OnePlus would have to offer, although it would clearly bet on its name carrying some weight.

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OnePlus will introduce the fitness band sometime in the first quarter of 2021, the tipsters said. As the company would want to get ahead of the OnePlus 9 launch, it might debut the tracker as soon as January or early February. However, it might only launch for India first — other regions would get the band at a “later date.”

An entry into this space would make sense. As AC pointed out, the fitness band would serve as the wearable counterpart to the OnePlus Nord line — a more affordable alternative for those willing to give up some high-end perks. And when analysts say the Nord has been faring well in India, it could easily make sense to launch a tracker that capitalizes on that success.

The challenge may simply be to stand out. There isn’t much room for advanced hardware in this space, and OnePlus wouldn’t have the luxury of customizing a full smartwatch platform like Wear OS. Rivals like Xiaomi may succeed simply by having an existing foothold and offering a “good enough” product. While OnePlus has its brand, it still has to start from scratch.

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