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One of the Modwave’s more unique features is what Korg dubs Motion Sequencing 2.0, an evolution of Wave Sequencing from the Wavestate. Here timing, pitch, shape, and four step sequencers are separated into “lanes,” each with their own loop lengths. This means you can create complex constantly evolving sounds that don’t have an obviously repeating pattern. Wavetables can also be combined and seamlessly blended between.

Just like the Wavestate and Opsix you’ll also find a bunch of modeled filters here, including emulations of classics from Korg’s MS-20 and Polysix. But, this also marks the first time Korg has included Kaoss Physics (brought over from the Kaoss Pad) in one of its mainline synths. This gives you unique touchpad control over parameters and effects beyond the traditional mod and pitch wheels and can also modulate parameters with physics-based bouncing balls. And Korg continues its embrace of creative chaos (which a “c”) with the dice that uses “intelligent” randomization to create new sounds.

Unfortunately there’s no work on pricing or ship date. But it seems safe to assume cost will be inline with Korg’s other digital synths — the Opsix and Wavestate — which cost around $800.

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