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samsung galaxy s21 plus render silver 1

  • According to leaked info, the Samsung Galaxy S21 storage options will range from 128GB to 512GB.
  • The Galaxy S21 should have four colorways while the S21 Plus could have three and the S21 Ultra might only have two.
  • There could also be special cases with a slot for an S Pen.

According to WinFuture, there is leaked information related to storage sizes and colorway options for the upcoming Galaxy S21 series. While the storage sizes aren’t too surprising and the colorways leaked earlier, this is the first time we’ve seen everything collected into how it might look come release day.

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Keep in mind that WinFuture is a German site and this leaked info relates specifically to Europe. However, most other areas of the world should see either the same or very similar options when it comes to Samsung Galaxy S21 storage and colorways.

Samsung Galaxy S21 storage and colorway options

  • Samsung Galaxy S21
    • 128 GB — gray, white, pink, purple
    • 256 GB — gray, white, pink, purple
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus
    • 128 GB — silver, black, purple
    • 256 GB — silver, black, purple
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
    • 128 GB — silver, black
    • 256 GB — silver, black
    • 512 GB — silver, black

The leaked info suggests that folks who want tons of internal storage space will need to shell out for the S21 Ultra, as that appears to be the only one with over 256GB of space. However, there haven’t been any rumors to suggest that the Galaxy S21 series won’t feature expandable storage. As such, you should still be able to throw a microSD card into any of these phones.

Rumored S Pen case?

Finally, WinFuture’s sources also suggest that there could be official Samsung cases for at least one of the Galaxy S21 phones. These cases would have a slot for holding an S Pen. This supports earlier rumors that the Galaxy S21 Ultra could work with an S Pen — and also supports rumors of the imminent end of the Galaxy Note series.

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