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Google Street View

Google is now allowing anyone to contribute images to Street View in Google Maps.

Street View is a popular feature on the Maps platform that allows people to see what a location looks like on the ground. In the past, these connected photos were recorded by the famous Street View cars, but Google says anyone with the app will now be able to contribute. This development comes thanks to Google’s growing augmented reality technology, which will “automatically rotate, position and create a series of connected photos.”

“Now that anyone can create their own connected Street View photos,” said Stafford Marquardt, product manager of Street View, in a blog post, “we can bring better maps to more people around the world, capturing places that aren’t on Google Maps or that have seen rapid change.”

The same blog post says that Google will augment and update existing information, such as publicly posted business hours, using these photos. They will also automatically blur out people’s faces and license plates, and allow people to report content for review.

Google didn’t immediately respond to a request for further comment.

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