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Naturally, the redesign also comes with new features. There’s a dedicated News Feed that will suggest connections to other public figures and Pages and a new option to host Q&A sessions. Additionally, Facebook has also made it easier for those with Pages to switch between their private and public profiles and provided them with enhanced tools to manage their online presence. 

Like other Facebook sections, Pages haven’t been exempt from people using them to spread misinformation, so in a way the most important part of today’s update are new safety and security measures. “We want Facebook to be a safe place to connect with fans, so we’ve improved our ability to detect activity that isn’t allowed on our platform including hate speech, violent, sexual or spammy content and impersonation,” the company said. To that end, Facebook is also making verified badges more visible so that it should be easier to spot content from fake accounts. For example, if a verified Page comments on another Page, you’ll see that message higher in the comments section. The new redesign has started rolling out today, and you’ll see more of the new design in the coming weeks and months.

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