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ArcX was founded by Paul Blair, a decorated British Army paratrooper with more than 20 years of service before entering the business world. Blair says that he got the idea for the ring while on a skiing holiday with a friend, who was injured on the slopes. He said that, for the rest of the trip, he was fiddling with his phone to play music and answer calls, rather than shredding powder. It doesn’t help, either, that touch-sensitive earbuds can often take quite deliberate presses before they obey our commands. 

In terms of durability, the company says that it’ll sit on standby for up to 20 days, and will last for up to gfive days on a single, hour-long charge. It’s waterproof to IP67 standards, so you should be able to run and swim with it without fuss or worry. ArcX is expected to launch in the US this May, priced at $99, as well as in the European Union for €89. 

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