Amazon may buy podcast network Wondery


    As reported by engadget,

    At first glance, it might be something of a head-scratcher to find out Amazon wants to get more involved with podcasting. However, it would be a logical expansion for the company. With Amazon Music Unlimited, it competes against Spotify and other music streaming platforms, and a lot of Spotify’s recent success is tied to its decision to invest heavily in podcasts. A podcast service could also function as a value add for the company’s Echo speakers. 

    There could also be a defensive rationale to Amazon’s interest in Wondery As the WSJ points out, the startup is one of the last large podcast production companies in the US that’s still independent. In other words, Wondery could be the final chance for a large company like Amazon to strengthen its position in the growing podcasting market through an acquisition.  

    Source link: engadget



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