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2020 is finally coming to a close and we couldn’t be more excited to present our first-ever Best of Streaming Awards! If you’re an avid Android Authority reader, you know we love streaming TV shows and movies. We keep up with a lot of content across streaming services and somehow also manage to write about tech. But not-so-humble brags aside, we don’t count ourselves amongst the Roger Eberts or Judith Christs of the world. That’s why we want you, our readers, to vote for the best streaming titles of the year!

This year saw some exceptional content on platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Hulu, HBO Max, and others. We’ve compiled a list of nominations across categories for you to vote on. Sadly, some titles from December 2020 won’t make it to the nominees’ list because they haven’t been released yet. So, without further ado, go ahead and vote away for your favorite shows and movies of 2020 across the streaming landscape.

Best TV shows and movies of 2020: Take your pick

Best limited series of 2020

A still From The Queens Gambit Upcoming - TV Series On Netflix

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Best documentary of 2020

tiger king netflix reality shows

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Best sci-fi series of 2020

A poster of lovecraft country - best TV series on Hotstar

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Best anime series of 2020

BNA Netflix

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Best comedy series of 2020

Never Have I Ever Netflix

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Best TV movie of 2020

The Trial Of Chicago 7 Upcoming Netflix

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Best returning TV series of 2020

The Mandalorian Season 2 Streaming Trailer Screenshot

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Now that you’ve voted for your best streaming TV shows and movies of 2020, take a moment to let us know what you loved most about some of your picks. We’ll be sure to include your comments in our final winners’ list.

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